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transforming homes into intimate venues for live performances

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Launched in September 2017, Ensembly is initially bringing classical chamber music to Perth homes, and ultimately aims to be an arts-agnostic, nation-wide network. If you love live music, or are just curious to see what it's all about, Ensembly is your ticket to the most intimate performances in town.


ENSEMBLE /ɒnˈsɒmb(ə)l/ (noun)

a group of musicians, actors, or dancers who perform together


ASSEMBLY /əˈsɛmbli/ (noun)

a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose


Ensembly brings it all together

Our goal is to produce events that are that magical combination of new friends, in a comfortable and intimate space, with mind-blowing artistry. Chamber music is a centuries-old tradition, but the arts are always relevant, regardless of their age. By nature, they reflect on society and express what simply cannot be put into words. Ignore your phone for an hour, listen and watch closely, to performances that connect everyone in the room - the audience to each other and the artists to you.

Support Local!

Also know, that by hosting or attending Ensembly, you are supporting the amazing local talent in your city. Perth, Western Australia is home to hundreds of internationally trained musicians who love nothing more than sharing their art with a curious, attentive audience.

Become a Host

If you have a living room, studio or sheltered balcony, you can host a high-quality live music performance without leaving the house. You can share the cost by selling tickets to your friends and family, or graciously invite them to a private concert experience they'll never forget - just ask us about the options.

Register as an artist

By providing more opportunities for artists to do what they do best, Ensembly is transforming the live arts scene. If you are an engaging, professional performer and are interested in reaching new audiences and having more opportunities to perform, join our performer database by registering your ensemble.